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A new registration system for 2021 is in place via the Play Football website. Please note that you no longer need your FFA number now to access the new Play Football system.

The first step is to create a Football Account, which will provide you with a simple way to access all of Football’s digital content.  To create your Football Account please head to the following website  –  https://www.ffa.com.au/football-account and click on “Join Now”; select “Create Account” or “Already Have an Account?”

After creating the Football Account, you will be asked to link any other profiles (previous registrations) which have used your email address; this will enable you to register all of your children using the same Football Account.  You can then Log In and register for the Club.

Go to www.playfootball.com.au and click on “Register Now” and follow the prompts to find our Club by typing in BEACHSIDE FOOTBALL CLUB.

Click on the Club name, and then on the grey “Start My Registration” button on the bottom right of the page.

Click on “get started” and enter your details.

Click on the package you wish to purchase either:

* Beachside FC Coaches Registration Package 2019

* Beachside FC Volunteer Registration Package 2019

There is no charge for these packages.

You are also entitled to one discounted registration package for either yourself or your child as an ACTIVE Committee member or Coach. (Please note that should you choose to resign during the year or not actively participate in the running of the Club you will be invoiced for the full amount of the Club Component of discounted fee you availed of in that year).

Registration can be completed via your account and you need to select from the following packages to ensure that you pay the discounted fee.

* OFFICE USE ONLY Club Officer Senior

* OFFICE USE ONLY Club Officer Youth

You will still be required to pay the FFA/FFT component of the fee.

Should you experience any difficulties in registering please refer to the following cheat sheets https://support.playfootball.com.au/support/home.

If you cannot find the answer there please contact the Club Registrar.

Coaches and Team Managers

You will also need to register on the Sports TG Website to enable access to the team sheets which you will need to print out three (3) copies and take to the game each week for both home and away games. The website can be found at www.sportstg.com 

You will need to set up a sporting passport information on how to do this can be found at https://passport.sportstg.com

Coaching Qualifications

It is preferred that all coaches be actively working towards the completion of a relevant coaching qualification/accreditation for the age group/level at which they are coaching. Football Federation Tasmania (FFT) conduct regular coaching courses throughout the year. Please go to the FFT website www.footballfedtas.com.au and click on coaching tab for information for coaches including courses.

Training Days

Training days will be determined at the beginning of the season and are generally once or twice a week. If for some reason you want a different training arrangement you will need to seek approval from the President and coordinate via the Grounds Manager. Any additional ground/venue hire not approved will be at your own expense.

Be organised, plan your sessions, including sufficient warm up and warm down. If you need additional gear please discuss this with the Technical Director and/or Equipment Manager.

Players should be geared up and ready to start at the start time of the training session, they should have boots and shin pads and, if used, mouth guards. No jewellery, watches or wrist bands should be worn. At the end of the session you should be packed up and off the ground at the required time as there are often other users.

Game Days

On game days the coach/managers are responsible for ensuring all players are at the ground and geared up ready to kick off at the scheduled commencement time of the game.

If your game is the first game of the day you will most likely be required to open the change rooms, put up the goal nets and corner posts, and if you are the last game of the day you will generally be required to pack away the nets and corner posts and clean and sweep the change rooms thoroughly before locking them up once everyone has left (the only exception to this is if there are games to be played later or the next day you may be able to leave the nets up overnight, however corner flags and change rooms still need to be put away and locked).

Players and Registration

Players must be registered to be eligible to play in any team, and payment must be made in full at time of registration for the registration to be completed. If for any reason any players have any problems registering or paying they should contact the Club Registrar.

Players should be directed to the above-mention procedure to register.

Game Changes

To circumvent the ongoing problems associated with changing games during the season, FFT have introduced a new process for 2019.

It is hoped that this process will cause less disruption to opposition teams, referees and will relieve the pressure of finding suitable ground availability.

An application form will need to be filled in for a game change to be considered. The link to the form is here: Application Form

FFT will not accept lodgements that occur within 14 days of the scheduled game.

NB: Games are not to be changed without approval from either the President or Technical Director. This is to ensure that grounds are available and existing bookings are not wasted.

Team Managers

All Clubs must nominate a team manager for each team who will need to perform the duties as listed below and as directed from time to time by FFT. This requirement applies to all Club teams in all FFT competitions.

The Team Manager will:

    • For home games, ensure that match balls complying with the requirements of the Laws of the Game and Rules, are provided to the Referee at least 20 mins prior to kick-off.
    • Ensure that the fully completed team sheet is provided to the Referee at least 20 mins prior to kick-off.
    • As soon as practical after the match, report the score and goal scorers to FFT via text message, email or directly via the Sporting Pulse system.
    • If no match manager is present, the home Team Manager will assume the duties of the match manager and ensure that all home team responsibilities are fulfilled (see FFT competition rules at: https://footballfedtas.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/FFT-Competition-Rules-2018.pdf
    • If no Referee is appointed, the home Team Manager is to ensure the match record is completed and forwarded to FFT by close of business on the Tuesday following the match.
  • The match record consists of the completed Club Match Report to which is attached to the team sheets for both the home and away teams on the day.


Team Sheets

  • Team sheets are the official advice for Referees and FFT of players and team officials and are used to record the outcomes of each match.
  • Each coach/manager needs to complete the team sheet online (see process below) prior to the commencement of the match and print out three copies. One copy goes to the referee a minimum of 30 minutes before the game and should have all players and team officials listed as well as being marked with those who are starting the game on the field or on the bench and be signed by the coach or team manager.
  • On occasion if a late change of players is required the players Name, their FFA Number and Date of Birth can be hand written on to the Team Sheet in the space provided.
  • A player who is not registered and has no FFA number must not be listed on the team sheet and must not take the field. They are not eligible to play, are not covered under insurance and the club and team will face sanction if found to be fielding an ineligible player.
  • The second copy similarly marked goes to the opposition team coach at least 30 minutes before the game and you should receive a copy of the opposition team sheet in return.
  • The third copy is for your reference and should be used to record scores/scorers to assist in the completion of the final scores online at the conclusion of the game (see process below).

How to do team sheets online

  • To do your team sheet you need to be registered for a sportstg passport.
  • Go to https://reg.sportingpulse.com andregister then send the Registrar an email or a text to confirm the email address you have registered with. We will then set you up in the system. Once that’s done we’ll email/text you to let you know you’re ready to go.
  • Then sign in to Sportstg via your passport
  • https://passport.sportstg.com//account/?
  • Click on Membership database.
  • Then click on your team (you have to be set up by me to be able to do your team sheets once you’ve created a sportstg login).
  • Go to the competitions tab and click on Match results.
  • Click the pre-game button next to your game (make sure it is the right week …it should default to this but just in case).
  • Under Manage this display list Click the button that says show players registered to this team only.
  • Under Autoselect Players click players registered to this team ….. it will auto populate the list with all players registered in the team.
  • You can remove any player not playing by clicking the no entry sign next to their name.
  • You can also allocate their shirt numbers here if you use the same numbers each week for the same player, you can also permanently allocate a number to a player so you don’t have to enter the numbers each week (see below for details how).
  • Click the save button to save your player list.
  • Under this you can manually enter coach, manager, trainers names etc or if you’re registered you can select your name from the list and it will populate the field for you.
  • Click save team officials.
  • Click the single team sheet button to print the team sheet – you should do three copies one for opposition, one for Referee and one for me to keep a record of scorers etc.
  • If you want to allocate numbers to your players
  • Go to the tools button
  • Click edit club default player number
  • Go to select player
  • Get you players name form the list
  • Put their number in the player number box
  • Click the assign number button
  • Do this for each player
  • Each week they will have the same number on the team sheet and it will save you a bit of time and it makes it easy to track down a strip if it’s not put back in the kit after the game.
  • If you need to select a player from another team, remove those from your list who aren’t playing then tick the show all players in this age group under Manage this display list
  • Select the respective player by clicking the green dot with the + in it next to their name.
  • They will appear in your team list
  • Click the save button to save your player list


Each coach/manager will be provided with or given access to the equipment required to run the team for which they are responsible. This will include playing strip, balls for training, bibs, cones, agility poles and access to a training venue.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all equipment is accounted for and looked after correctly and if taken from a shared equipment facility that it is returned to where it came from in the same condition (where reasonable). This is extremely important as we cannot afford to constantly replace lost or carelessly damaged equipment.

Loss or damage to any equipment and/or problems with facilities must be reported to the Equipment Manager (Equipment) or Grounds Manager (Facilities) as soon as possible.

Referees/Assistant Referees

FFT will endeavour to provide referees for all games, this however is dependent on referee availability, and from time to time if you are playing a home game and no referee is provided the coach/manager must arrange for someone to referee the game.

Assistant Referees (AR) are also required for each game, and are responsible for running the line and for offside calls under the direction of the Referee. In many cases both the home team and away team will be required to provide a volunteer to undertake this role.

It is important that people volunteering to take these roles on have an understanding of the rules of the game and in particular foul throws, and offside. More information can be found on this at the following link:


In the event that FFT provides only one AR then the home team is required to provide the second AR.

If there are problems with match officials please remain calm and professional, document the incident and email your concern to the Club President to manage.

First Aid/Accidents

NB: During a match no one may enter the playing area until the Referee has approved them to enter, and then this is generally restricted to team officials who are listed on the Team Sheet. Parents/supporters should be advised of this at the beginning of the season.

As we play a contact sport injuries and accidents will occur from time to time. Each coach/ manager should have a first aid certificate (obtained at your own expense) or someone who is first aid proficient should be available at trainings and matches. This can be a parent or other volunteer (must have a WWVP clearance) but need to be available to assist as required at trainings or matches.

In the event of an injury or accident, the first aider should apply basic first aid principals. If the player is a youth and a parent is available it is generally best to pass the player over to the parent to make a decision on what action/treatment should be taken.

Regardless of it being a training or match day situation, in the event of a serious injury, or even a suspected serious injury, if you believe it is unsafe to move the player, don’t move the player. Apply the basic principles of first aid, but do not feel any need or pressure to move the player. If in any doubt have someone call 000 – the referee will liaise with you and if necessary the game will be delayed or called off as necessary. The most important thing is the health and safety of players and match officials.

All injuries or accidents to any player or official should be reported to the committee (President or other) at the earliest opportunity. In the event of an accident there is a form on the FFT website that should be completed. Please contact the President, Vice President or Registrar for details.

Additionally, if there is a need for an insurance claim please follow this link http://www.gowgatessport.com.au/football/

Player/Official/Supporter Codes of Conduct / Behaviour

In general it should be fairly self-explanatory as to what constitutes positive behavior across all whether that be players, officials or supporters. Full documents covering a range of information can however be found at the following link:


NB: It is extremely important that these documents are read and understood and the information put into practice by all involved with the Beachside FC.