Staff Profile

Sam Walker

Age 33
Joined March 14, 2018

I fell into coaching in 2014 at Metro FC. It was suggested that it was my turn to step up coach the reserves as a few of the other ” older ” players had taken on the position in previous seasons. Being a below average player myself I was reluctant to take the position on but did so after the reserves players were left to train alone. I recruited a few mates to come along and play and we won the league by 17 points. 

 I was then approached by Paul Chisholm to take on the Champ 1 squad at Beachside FC. After a meeting with BP it seemed like a great opportunity to learn from someone with Brett’s playing and coaching background. We finished second that season only losing 2 games. 

 2016 and 2017 seasons were tricky with navigating players between 3 squads with the introduction of the challenge league team. I was fortunate enough to have a very consistent and competitive Champ 1 squad winning the league both seasons.   

 This season I will be coaching the challenge league squad looking to balance a competitive squad whilst giving valuable opportunities to our youth.